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  • Mechanical design: Computer aided design with software Solid Works, Solid edge, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD.
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  • Simulation and validation of prototypes with Cosmos express, Simulation Express.

  • Toolings manufacture: Nests, High presicion gauges, tools, specific  purpose cutters.

  • Heat treatment: Use of extreme temperatures to achieve a desired physical properties such as hardening or softening of the steel.
  • Electric design: Design of control panels, failure analysis and design of electronic systems.


  • Pneumatic/Hydraulic systems: Design of pneumatic/hydraulic systems, system manteinance, repair of pneumatic/hydraulic systems. Simulation and validation of pneumatic/hydraulic systems with Fluidsim software.

  • Allen Bradley, SIEMENS, Rexroth and OMRON controller programing.

  • Computer-aided manufacturing: MUse of computer software to control and program tools in the process of manufacture, complete domain of  Camworks, Master Cam.


  • Industrial networks Profibus, Device-net, Ethernet.

  • Programación de Microcontroladores Microchip PIC (lenguaje C, ensamblador) Programación e integración de computadoras a procesos de manufactura, dominio de Visual Basic, C, C++.

  • Integración de elementos electromecánicos de alta precisión, Integración y programación de Servomotores, Brazos robóticos.

  • Electro-erosionado de piezas: Manufactura de piezas complejas por medio de maquinas EDM Soluciones ingenieriles a procesos de manufactura.
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  • Sistemas de visión: sensado, comparar, medir, detección de patrones, con capacidad de inspección a grandes velocidades